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Does anybody have any tips for Duolingo?

I've been using this website for a couple of months now, and I'm familiar to most stuff, but if you have any tips on how to get more lingots or how to learn the language better, that would help!

November 8, 2017



Lingots are basically useless. Once you own everything, they really only get you streak freezes and Double or Nothings, which don't cost enough to ever bankrupt you, especially since the second one earns you lingots if you keep your streak going.
A great way to learn the language more efficiently is to have at least three sources you use to learn it in any one time period.


There are tips when you go to a skill and scroll down before you start a lesson. When you do that there are a bunch of tips and grammar stuff for you!


I'll give you a few lingots!<3

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