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Motivation To Use Duolingo

I haven't been going on as much after I lost my 49 day streak, and I'm wondering if there's any way for me to motivate myself to go on Duolingo daily?

November 8, 2017



Hi Temmie!

One thing that I have found helpful is the "Club" feature. It's a great way to motivate yourself. Simply join a club and compete with your fellow members to see who has the most XP each day/month. I think it's a really neat and fun way to motivate yourself.

~SoInfired <3<3


In my opinion, the strongest motivaton should be from yourself. That is to say, the reason why you want to learn the new language or what goal you want to ahieve. Whether you are instereted in learning languages or you are interested in the country which speaks this language or whatever. For me, I want to surprise someone who's very important to me. That is MY motivation.


Or, just make some friends who speak that language that may help motivating too so that you can communicate with them in their native language. Or join some chatting group who are learning the same language as you. It's always more interesting to learn together than alone.


Hey Temmie! 1. Set your XP goals LOW. You can always do more. 2. Try to get in a Duo Lesson right after you get up in the morning. 3. Always have the Streak Freeze bought and ready. Always. 4. Remember your reasons for learning this language and that it is a TIME thing, a little every day, no matter what.
Lastly I've lost a couple big streaks....but get yours started again... you'll be suprised how quickly you can get back up there...


here's 5 lingots... go buy that streak and get BACK AT IT!


If you lose motivation, just start back by doing the absolute bare minimum. This goes for anything. Often the hardest step is the first step, but it helps if the first step is really small because then at least you're moving. So when you need to pick yourself back up and you need to gain momentum again, start small.
Just hold yourself to completing one lesson at first and rediscover what it is about the languages themselves that you enjoy. The motivation will follow.


Try setting your coach to "basic" in your settings. Then, start motivating yourself to practice by finding free time anytime throughout the day. As you start practicing more, set your goal to a higher setting. Hope this helps!


Hey Temmie! I get the feeling, and know how hard it is to start up again. Maybe you can be motivated by starting it out easy, such as at the easiest setting or whatever feels right. I'm sorry that happened :/ You also are level 11 French and Level 7 spanish, which is pretty awesome! Maybe you can bring your spanish up to 11 as well. You can do this!!


Hmmm...maybe a little competition can help? Some Duolingo users hold XP contests and they compete to achieve the most XP or complete a certain XP challenge for lingots and whatnot. You should give it a try! (Just search "XP Contest" in the Discussion category and you should find some contests taking place)

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