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  5. "토끼는 터널을 지나가서 식당에 갔어요."

"토끼는 터널을 지나가서 식당에 갔어요."

Translation:The rabbit went through a tunnel and went to a restaurant.

November 8, 2017



You dont have to say went twice in english. It's redundant.


What's wrong with 'the rabbit went through the tunnel to go to the restaurant' ?


Where is the "and" in this sentence?


A서 … B

When there is a relationship between A and B, can be used. It can be used when A precedes B or when B happens due to A. It can also be used to express apology, gratitude, or to make an excuse.

  • 늦게 일어나 못 먹었어요. ~ I woke up late and couldn’t eat. ~ Because I woke up late, I couldn’t eat.
  • 만나 반갑습니다 ~ I’m glad to meet you. ~ I meet you and am glad. ~ Because of meeting you, I’m glad.

There’s sort of a cause and effect thing to this.


Thanks. This comment is pure gold.


The 서 in 지나가서 serves this role, kinda. A simple 'and' would be 고, but 서 makes it explicitly sequential. Kind of like "and then".

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