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"Yesterday I went to the doctor."

Translation:Ich bin gestern zum Arzt gegangen.

November 8, 2017



Why is it not possible to say ' Gestern, bin ich zur Ärztin gegangen'?


It's theoretically possible but sounds oddly specific to me -- as if you said, "I went to the female doctor yesterday".

Usually, I'd use zum Arzt gehen with Arzt as a gender-neutral "job" rather than necessarily with a particular doctor in mind -- a bit like "reading the newspaper" or "listening to the radio" in English, where "the newspaper, the radio" refer to the medium in an abstract way and not necessarily to a specific publication or channel.

Still, I've added versions with zur Ärztin, for the case where you are going to a specific doctor whom you had been speaking about previously.


Thanks, I accept your explanation, but I did need it. I try to vary m/f and du/ihr/Sie in relevant response just to be sure I'm reinforcing all variations and not just the most obvious. So, it's technically possible, but not actually good german. Thanks.


Well, at least uncommon German.


I had "Gestern habe ich zum Artzt gegangen." Warum ist das nicht richtig?

  • Artzt is not a German word. It should be Arzt.
  • gehen uses sein as a helping verb to form the past tense, not haben -- it's ich bin gegangen, not ich habe gegangen


what's wrong with 'Gestern war ich zum Arzt'?


Wieso ist hier Präteritum nicht erlaubt? Yesterday I went to the doctor. -> Gestern ging ich zum Arzt. Oder?


That's also possible, though the preterite is not as commonly used in spoken German (how much it's used also depends on the region of the country).

I've added it as an alternative now.


Sollte auch erlaubt werden. Einfach bitte das nächste Mal per Report als Übersetzungsalternative melden.


Why not" Gestern, ich bin zum Arzt gegannen"?

  • The past participle of gehen is gegangen, not gegannen
  • Gestern would not be set off by a comma but would be in the first position of the sentence if you put it there, followed immediately by the verb which has to be in the second position.

Gestern bin ich zum Arzt gegangen is possible (and accepted).


Why not- Gestern bin ich beim Arzt gegangen


Why not- Gestern bin ich beim Arzt gegangen

Wrong preposition.

That would be like saying "Yesterday, I went at the doctor's".


Could we say "gestern bin ich beim Arzt gewesen"?


Could we say "gestern bin ich beim Arzt gewesen"?

That's a correct sentence but it means "I was at the doctor's yesterday" and not "I went to the doctor's yesterday".

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