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What is the meaning of "Hallelujah!" in English?

November 8, 2017



I don't think this should be in the 'German for English speakers'.

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Praise the Lord or Praise God, from Hebrew.


Also, I believe if you do research you will find Hallelujah includes the name Jah- modern English translation: Jehovah. Many Hebrew names in the Bible include this shortened version. Example: Elijah. Though I'm not sure what this has to do with the Duolingo / German course?


This should be in Hebrew, not in German lol


What hallelujah may mean in Hebrew and what it means in English are not necessarily the same thing. Within churches, "hallelujah" is an English term used to mean "praise God". Colloquially, it can be a cry of exclamation to indicate pleasure that something has at last come to happen, especially which has caused exasperation in the waiting. For example, a teenager may tell their parents that they have at last tidied up their bedroom, to which the parent might well exclaim "Hallelujah!".


SteveStewart: Amen to that!! : )


'Praise be!'


It isn't an English word. It's deprived from the Hebrew "Praise God," or something along those lines. These days, it's usually used as an equivalent for "Thank goodness!" or "Finally!"

Hope that helped.


Also, this is from the Oxford Dictionary: hallelujah Origin: Old English, via ecclesiastical Latin alleluia from Greek allēlouia (in the Septuagint), or (from the 16th century) directly from Hebrew hallĕlūyāh ‘praise ye the Lord’.


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