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Stuck in a loop

Is anyone else having this problems with the English learning French tree? I shall scream if it asks me once more if my crepe is round or tells me she is blond. It seriously seems to have been stuck in this loop for a week or more now. Any ideas about giving it a shake to move on?

November 8, 2017



Have you tried buckwheat pancakes?

Sinon, envoie plutôt un rapport de bug à Duolingo, ici, c'est juste la crêperie du port et le staff de Duolingo n'y vient jamais.



ikr french is kinda hard


Can you provide the name of that lesson?


This used to happen to me. I would always get the same flirting questions when doing a strengthen skills. That stupid question about living in someone's shoes. I've gotten out of the habit of studying French and I've forgotten a lot but I can still remember that stupid sentence off by heart I did it that many times.

I'm the guy that got mad and would give anyone who also complained about it Lingots. I've gave them to the same people everytime I saw the question. People ended up with at least 100 Lingots each. I still sometimes get people replying to that comment trying to get some Lingots even though I haven't seen that question for a while now.

I'm not sure what happened, one day it just stopped showing up. I think I stopped using the strengthen skills feature in the end. I strengthened via the topics themselves so I could avoid being asked the same thing all the time. The strengthen skills feature isn't very good and seems to often get stuck on certain questions. You need to figure out a way of studying without relying on it.

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