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  5. "Our Mayor is working"

"Our Mayor is working"

Translation:Meya wetu anafanya kazi

November 8, 2017



Possesives of N-nouns denoting people take i- (y-) prefix in the singular and zi- (z-) in the plural. So, 'Meya wetu' is wrong and should be 'Meya yetu'. N.B. Possesives of N-nouns denoting animals take wa- (w-) in the singular and zi- (z-) in the plural: ng'ombe wangu = my cow, ng'ombe zangu my cows; ng'ombe wetu = our cow, ng'ombe zetu = our cows.


Yeah, it's not always reliably so ... it generally only happens with kinship terms and other words denoting a relationship between people, such as "friend" ... there's a lot of variation across dialects though. And also, apparently, it doesn't really happen with -a so much, so you can have phrases like baba yangu wa kambo.

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