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"I am a university student and my brother is a pupil."

Translation:Ich bin Student und mein Bruder ist Schüler.

November 8, 2017



I only noticed that there are no articles here, just Student, not ein Student. What's the rule here? And if I said ein Student, would that add some specific meaning?


German doesn't use an article before professions and other case where English does use an article. Ich bin Student. Sie ist Ärztin. Er ist Berliner. See the Tips.


It balances out the other cases where German uses an article and English doesn't, e.g. "der Tod".


Why won't Ich bin ein Universitätsstudent work?


Because it's implicit: Student is always a university student. For students below university level, e.g. Oberstufe (comparable to highschool) we would use Schüler.


Because Germans don't say that. You are a student "auf der Uni."


My reply wasn't accepted either "Ich bin eine Universität Student und Mein Bruder ist ein Schüler" If you put the word 'University' then you translate it to 'Universität', I don't see why they omit that word in the translation? Please advise.


As per Max.Em's reply above, "Student" is always a university student, so "Universität Student" is like saying "university university student".


Can be male or female, so should accept Student or Studentin (or both)!


It accepted Studentin for me.

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