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  5. 24 Days and counting......


24 Days and counting......

Today I reached my first ever 24 day streak, which is just a few days more than a three week streak. Its the highest I've ever gotten, and I feel really proud of myself. It's hard to believe I'm just a few days away from the one month mark. I remember when I first started I couldn't even get a seven day streak, and now I'm way past that. Duolingo is so amazing. I've loved it from my first day. I was finally starting to learn Hebrew, instead of just looking back to find the answers because I couldn't remember them. Although, after a couple weeks (with only five day streaks), it was getting boring for me. It felt like I was doing the same things over. But then I finally got my first 7 day streak, and I suddenly felt more motivated. Then I finally figured out how to keep my strength bars up, and that got me even more motivated! I can't thank Duolingo enough for everything. I went from retaining nothing from books, to learning the text I couldn't understand at all, to learning two languages at once, and its so much fun! Along the way, I've made a couple pretty awesome friends which is really cool! So, from me, the senior in highschool who feels like she's on top of the world because she is actually learning the language she chose for HS, thank you Duolingo! I couldn't be more grateful. I'm making friends, and having fun while I'm learning! It feels great, and its been a blast! Here's to another 24 days, and maybe even 24 weeks! :)

November 8, 2017



Congratulations!! The first stretch is typically the hardest part, and afterward, it gets much easier!

Best of luck! ;-)


They say the best way to make something a long lasting habit is to do it for a month. You are just a week away from making language learning your new normal.


Congrats! I wish you luck!


The streaks helps with motivation, which is very vital for learning/developing new language skills.


Keep up the good work!


on top of that you seem to beat my xp score everyday... I need to pick up the pace


Haha most of that is from me trying to keep my strength bars up lol I can never seem to get them all gold in one day anymore lol


Wonderful job and keep it up! It can be hard to keep sometimes! I was over 170 day streak and I lost it; that was really hard, but learning the language is what matters! Keep learnin'!


FANTASTIC! Keep on Keeping On! Make sure MAKE SURE you always have your Streak Freeze in Place from the Lingot Store... Always... if you lose your streak it tends to hurt your feelings... so here's 10 lingots and make sure you keep your Streak Freeze up to date


Wow! Thank you! And I definitely will!

[deactivated user]

    That's great. I hope to keep my 56 day streak and reach 100.

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