"I am not reading the words."

Translation:Ich lese die Wörter nicht.

March 14, 2013

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For those trying to understand the difference between "Worte" and "Wörter" my understanding is this:

"Worte" is used to express words that are uncountable and more representative of the meaning of the words rather than the words themselves. It sounds strange in English, but an example would be: "Danke für deine netten Worte." -> "Thanks for your kind words." The "countable" number of words are not imoportant, it's the message that is. You can't count the meaning of the message if that makes sense. Another example would be: "Er hat seine Worte klar gesprochen." -> "He spoke his words clearly."

"Wörter" are things that can be written down, learned, used as passwords (Passwörter), read in books, etc. You look up "Wörter" in a "Wörterbuch." An example would be: "Heute habe ich zehn neue Wörter gelernt." -> "Today I learned ten new words." You can count the number of words you learned today. You can read them, see them, etc.

Now it gets a bit weird with things that might seem "uncountable," but really are. The Wikitionary example is: "Im Deutschen gibt es wenig Wörter mit Y geschrieben werden." -> "There are few words in German spelt with Y." However, the "few" implies that if you went through and tried finding them, you would find a finite countable number of words.

Finally, you can think of it this way: You can write someone's kind Worte with Wörter, but not the other way around.

Hopefully this helps! Any clarification from any native speaker would be greatly appreciated if needed.


why is it the same saying Worte and Wörter


There are two plural forms for 'Wort'.

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    What's the difference between Worte and Wörter?


    What s the difference between "Ich lese keine Wörter." und "Ich lese die Wörter nicht."


    “Ich lese keine Wörter“ translates to I read no words, while I don't read the words translates into “Ich lese die Wörter nicht“. In principle both have the same meaning but the translation is not correct. If you would take a translation test your teacher would also have to mark this as wrong.

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