"What ate our sheep?"

Translation:Co sežralo naše ovce?

November 8, 2017



jestli se můžu zeptat ? jak by bylo CO ŽERE NAŠE OVCE?

November 8, 2017


for our anglophone users:

CO ŽERE NAŠE OVCE? would be an interesting case. it could be either "What is (has been) eating our sheep?" as kacenka9 says, or "What does our sheep eat?" (but not "What do our sheep eat?".)

CO looks the same in the nominative and in the accusative, NAŠE OVCE can be singular nominative or plural nominative/accusative, and ŽERE agrees with both CO and NAŠE OVCE in the subject position (so sg. nominative).

the link to the opposite exercise: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/25232102

January 11, 2018


Thanks for the explanation!

February 22, 2018


What is eating our sheep?

November 8, 2017
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