"He is calling us to read"

Translation:Anatuita tusome

November 8, 2017

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Does anyone understand why "tusome" is used here? He is calling us to read should be kusoma. Why the subjunctive?


This is the main purpose of the subjunctive.

Ninataka uje. = I want you to come.

You cant use the infinitive there. The English "object + infinitive" structure (eg. "us to read", "you to come") is pretty strange and I'm not aware of any language that has a similar structure.


@AGreatUserName ......could you explain the different between "Ninakutaka kuja" vs "Ninataka uje"


@saynave: I think it is best to ignore the English structure, so avoid translating literally to the Swahili infinitive (kuja, in this case). I suspect that your sentence "Ninakutaka kuja" is ungrammatical for this reason. The structure "I want that you should come" is common to several languages I can think of apart from Swahili, and that is what "Ninataka uje" says.


Why do I need the -tu- twice? He is calling us for us to read would be the correct translation for anatuita tusome in my understanding. Although I still don't understand why or can tell that I have to use the subjunctive. It's a mystery to me how I am supposed to know

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