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  5. "Can I buy euro?"

"Can I buy euro?"

Translation:Я можу купити євро?

November 8, 2017



This is worded a little awkwardly in english. Is it asking if its possible to buy euros, as in to exchange currency?


Yes, the context you provided is correct.

Typically you'd ask a cashier whether you can buy, say, 200 euro, or whether you can buy euros in general, because even though they display the rate for a few currencies, they might run out of it.

How would you word that better (aside from adding "s" to euro)?


'S' is good but 'exchange' is better than 'buy' . I know it is not word for word translation but in USA English, I would understand 'Exchange' for euros? If I wanted Euros.


Don't understand why Я можу is can I, and not I can


In English, questions tend to be in this order although it could also be "I can..." In a question


It's because ukrainian doesn't change the word order of the whole sentence to make it int a question, unlike english

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