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  5. "Můžeme s vámi počítat?"

"Můžeme s vámi počítat?"

Translation:Can we count on you?

November 8, 2017



Oh, a nice idiomatic phrase. I like it. Could it, however, mean a somewhat weird question "Can we count with you?"?


Why isn't it "Můžeme na vás počítat?"? Or "Můžeme na vás spolehnout?"


the course simply does not include "spolehnout (se)".

"počítat na vás" does not mean anything if "vás" is accusative and means something physically odd if it is locative. like you are doing counting while being on top of someone.


I believe that this is our first exposure to "vámi" in the course so far. Should I understand that it is the Instrumental case for vy and vás. Is there also "vám" (singular) and possibly vámy?


I'm confused by your question.

"vámi" is the instrumental case of "vy". That's it. And "vy" is both the nominative and vocative.

"vás", on the other hand, is the genitive, accusative, and locative case of the same word -- of "vy"

There are no singular forms of "vy". The singular counterpart is "ty" with its forms.

"vám" is the dative form of "vy". (still nothing singular about it though)

There is no "vámy", all cases have been covered already by the above mentioned forms.



Thank you, Agnus. I'm sorry that my question was confusing. Even with confusion, you have answered my question thoroughly.

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