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Why do you learn polish?

November 8, 2017



My father was born in Kolno Poland and taken to a prison camp in 1939 (aged 20). He never saw his family again, and never returned to Poland. I am going to Poland next year and hope to visit his birthplace and also I have found where his parents and brother are buried. I may even have living relatives - I want to know a few sentences at least.


I'm trying to learn and Polish is a beautiful language.I'm learning enjoyable..


I am currently learning German, and I thought Polish would be a language that would be similar so it would be easier to handle. I was wrong on Polish (it's MUCH harder), but I still like it.

On your question, Poland is a big country, and I don't think many people in Warsaw understand "Ich bin" as much as "Ja jestem"


In schools we learn English and a second (third, if you prefer) language, and I believe that German is the most popular second/third language in Poland. Well, not 'popular' per se (pupils usually hate it), but many of them learn it.


Polish and german are in different language groups (polish in the slavic one, german in the germanic), so they are significantly different. There are some similar words used in both of them though....


I learn polish to be able to discover this country from where a part of my family becomes


For fun. For the challenge For learning a "exotic" language. I mean : not a language wide spoken in France (mainly : English, Spanish and German; then Italian) Because my grandmother was Polish and my father spoke Polish but I've never learnt... until now


I try to learn Polish because of I live in a Norway and Polish is the biggest spoken language after Norwegian so it's easy to come in contact with polaks living here and I'm very social. I find them every where I go to. I speak several languages and I find learning Polish as a real challenge because learning f.exp Spanish is not that hard for me but I try to refresh the basic I know from before at the same time.


I try to learn polish because I am married with a half-polish woman. Her mother's family is from Warsaw and some of them don't understand swedish very well. To make it easier to speak with them I thought that it would be useful to know their language. We also want our son to learn both polish and swedish when he grows up, and it makes it much easier if I also know how to speak polish.


But polish girls are sexy


I'm curious about Slavic languages, having never learned any before, plus my neighbours are Polish & it'd be good to be able to converse with them in their own language.


I've been to Poland five times and fell in love with the country and the people. I got interested and intrigued by this difficult language too... so here I am!


I am interested in learning Polish because not only do I enjoy the beauty the language, though my dad and the entire side of the Lázár side of my family were from Hungary or parts of Hungary that are now in Romania and Slovakia, My grandma Lázár's mother my great grandmother Maria, was from Poland, so I have heritage there as well as Hungary, so it's an interesting language to me for heritage reasons but I like learning languages as well.

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