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Learn modern english please!

I was just forced to translate from german to english and use the word songstress not singer! Come on guys, that is simply not a word used in english anymore. In fact I would bet most native english speakers younger than fifty have never even heard it before.

November 8, 2017



If "singer" was not accepted for "Sängerin", you should report it using the "report" button within the lesson, selecting the "my answer should be accepted" option. "Singer" is already accepted for at least one sentence, so if it's not accepted elsewhere it's probably a bug.

Generally, complaining about non-accepted translations in the forums is much less effective than reporting them directly.



Yes Pont,
I agree with what you point out. That the correct place to have a discussion about this would be in the sentence itself, and/or to press the "report" button about the issue. You are also correct that complaining in this way is not as effective as following normal procedures.

In looking up the Duolingo Dictionary for this word : Sängerin , I certainly do not find evidence of the accusation that Duolingo is only accepting the word "songstress". In fact the preferred translation is singer. Perhaps when doing the exercise there was some other error in what was input, and that indeed "songstress" can be an acceptable variation. However songstress is NOT the preferred translation as used in Duolingo. So I also call into doubt another accusation made here. I assure you Duolingo is supported by teams of people, who also discuss issues such as this and more, and are continually reviewing and improving the course. It is not computer generated set and forget. Work is constantly being reviewed and improved in all sorts of ways. The space of this environment here where issues of language are discussed is yet another example of how people create and maintain these courses.

Also as far as the word songstress goes, you may like to also refer to references such as:


And as slamRN has made mention of, and backed up also by the further information in the Duolingo definitions, that singer is the preferred translation, please check out:


ionasky , you are a very treasured learner and supporter of the community here. Thank you also for your critical input. And thank you for all the support you also give to other learners in this community.
Your contributions are greatly valued.


Should "songstress" be marked incorrect? If not, then it's in the database for better or worse, and can apparently show up as a 'suggested' answer. I would imagine that "singer" is also accepted.

All in all, it's a pitfall of using a partly-computer-generated learning resource. If you want a personal touch, paid German language classes are available in most countries.


Dear az_p , Thank you for your critical review of the situation, so that some misconceptions can be addressed.

Please refer to my comments above about some more accurate information about how Duolingo functions from all that I see and experience.

However I do agree with you that it is very beneficial to always seek to diversify you learning. And that attending German language classes lead by a professional teacher is an invaluable resource. As are also things such as watching movies and listening to songs in your target language. Playing games, doing hobbies, playing sports, and learning and using the words relevant in your target language.
Also cooking from a cook book written in your target language.
The more you can immerse yourself in different experiences the broader and deeper and more tougher will be your acquisition of your target language.

And I would also suggest , the more fun as well.

Of course, all of this is In My Opinion (IMO).


Hello, I checked in with the German team. They weren't sure which sentence you were referring to without knowing what the sentence itself was. The best place to report a problem is through the Report button under the exact sentence itself. However, they did check to see if "songstress" was in any starred correct answers. (Considered best answers.) It wasn't. After getting a wrong answer message, you could have been presented with that as a potential correct answer. But, it is not a required answer according to their data. I hope this information can be reassuring in some way.

Edit: oops. I fell asleep without hitting send on this comment. So, after hitting send on it this morning, I can now see that there were new comments here addressing the matter that arrived while I was sleeping.

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Really? I haven't gotten that far then. I agree we don't use songstress, just singer (male and female).


And yes, from all that I see, and I do have skills and insights, Duolingo also uses singer as the preferred translation.
Thank you for participation in learning a language, and also supporting others in their language learning.

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