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What is your opinion on TinyCards?

Duolingo has created a resource called TinyCards. Besides languages, you can learn about history, geography, biology, and just about everything else!!! Any user can create a 'deck' of cards which is then visible to all the other users.

How many Duolingo users use TinyCards? And what do you think of this resource? Also, any creators of 'decks' out there?

November 8, 2017



I'm not a fan - but it's not Tinycards themselves, it's flashcards in general. I think it's because I didn't learn to read English, my native tongue, using them. When I first met them, at 6 yo in Infant school, I thought (with the arrogance of extreme youth!) that they were stupid. I prefer to learn words in context. That preference is still with me.

I know lots of people find flash cards useful and I think TinyCards are a fabulous incarnation. I think is wonderful that people share their knowledge this way. I'm off to look at Elizabeth's deck in a moment.

Since TinyCards don't earn XP, and my time online is limited, I have tried them, but don't use them often.


Just looked at Elizabeth's cards - fabulous!!! Learning lists from flash cards makes sense to me. Thank you for your efforts Elizabeth.


thanks for your comments...I don't use them often either. For languages, I find Duolingo is better, but they are helpful for learning other info such as 'capital cities' and so on.


I really like TinyCards as well. They are super fun and really useful.


thank you...and I agree!!


It's great. One of the things I like about it most is the fact you can do mobile deck creation.


uh huh, deck creation is really good, especially since you can choose whether to make your deck private or public.


That it's a flash card site? It's not like it offers anything Memrise or Anki or one of the dozens of others I presume exist didn't already offer.


true, but since it's made by Duolingo, the two go well together. Since you can do the French course on Duolingo and on tinycards, for example.


I love tinycards too!!!


yep, they are really great.

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I like Tinycards, I created some German from Hungarian decks. You can see them here: https://tinycards.duolingo.com/users/jzsuzsi

Sometimes I find decks I find really useful: 50 states of the US, Japanese Kanjis...


yes, tinycards are useful for random info as well as for language - countries, flags, capitals, car brands...anything!!!

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