"Některá česká města leží pod starými hrady."

Translation:Some Czech towns lie below old castles.

November 8, 2017

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What about "by old castles"? That’s the problem when you’re not a native speaker nor a person educated in a language, you never know what might be right :/


History explanation. HRAD is a castle prior to about 1500. Due to nature of survival needs of that time, such castle always has walls sometimes moats and thanks to mostly hilly czech countryside nearly 100% of times on a hill, rock, above the rest of the surroundings. The higher, the better. The more difficult to get there, the better. ZÁMEK is a castle build after 1500 or later. Also translated as a castle. But more of what the French would call chateau. Might still have a moat but the later it is build the less likely a moat is. These tend to be in or close to towns and easy to access. Zámek can be "U" - by. Hrad... very unlikely.


Nope. Pod implies a location/position under/below/... sth

'by old castles' could be translated using u (u starých hradů). but that sounds very unnatural. :)


wouldn't it have been better to say some czech towns were built below old castles. I was really stumped with this one. couldn't understand it.

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    I put "lay" instead of "lie"... is my English just bad here?


    To me (native AmE), "lay" here would mean that the towns were located below old castles in the past, but no longer are. Whether the towns moved, or the castles did, is an open question. :-)

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