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"Některá česká města leží pod starými hrady."

Translation:Some Czech towns lie below old castles.

November 8, 2017



What about "by old castles"? That’s the problem when you’re not a native speaker nor a person educated in a language, you never know what might be right :/


History explanation. HRAD is a castle prior to about 1500. Due to nature of survival needs of that time, such castle always has walls sometimes moats and thanks to mostly hilly czech countryside nearly 100% of times on a hill, rock, above the rest of the surroundings. The higher, the better. The more difficult to get there, the better. ZÁMEK is a castle build after 1500 or later. Also translated as a castle. But more of what the French would call chateau. Might still have a moat but the later it is build the less likely a moat is. These tend to be in or close to towns and easy to access. Zámek can be "U" - by. Hrad... very unlikely.


Nope. Pod implies a location/position under/below/... sth

'by old castles' could be translated using u (u starých hradů). but that sounds very unnatural. :)


wouldn't it have been better to say some czech towns were built below old castles. I was really stumped with this one. couldn't understand it.


Even easier would have been to say "no". But we were trying to teach something else.

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