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Feature Suggestion: "Random Skill" Button

For those of us who want to keep multiple languages going simultaneously, I think it would be neat to have a randomizing feature that operates similarly to the 'strengthen skills' button. The main difference would be that 'strengthen skills' is limited to the current learning language, whereas the 'random skill' would surprise you with any skill from any language that you've worked on that needs to be strengthened. You should be able to edit the list of languages that the 'random skill' button pulls from as well, so if you tested a course but have no real interest in learning it you can leave it off, or if you want to you can keep your current learning language separate from the others.

For example: I'm working on Korean, so the 'random skill' button would not give me any new skills, just past ones needing to be strengthened, plus skills from courses I've finished (Esperanto, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish) that need to be strengthened, but I would not get any from any course I haven't yet worked on.

I think it would be a great way for learners of multiple courses to be able to keep up their skills and stay on their toes, and I for one would find it to be very fun!

EDIT: Of course, being an avid cellphone user, I would like this to be on both website and app if at all possible!

November 8, 2017



This idea could be really fun! I also like that you thought of a way to set which languages to include and exclude. I would be interested in getting random skills from Japanese and Spanish. Good to flex my brain muscles between languages :D


Usagiboy7, what would it take to have this be considered by the designers/programmers?


It helps if an idea is astronomically successful in the community. However, there are a ton of other nuances that are a beyond my knowledge.


What are the odds of this getting a sticky? I’m very excited by the positive response it has gotten!


0% sorry. There is a ton of pressure for us not to create new stickies without removing old stickies. And, I would be flooded with requests to sticky people's suggestions. :(


LOL no sweat. I kinda figured but then again I also figured it was worth a shot. ;) Thanks for such a quick reply though!




Even though I don't do multiple skills, if there was a "random skill" button, I might consider doing that (learning multiple languages)! It seems a great way to learn, and I agree that "it would be a great way for learners of multiple courses to be able to keep up their skills and stay on their toes" Like I said, I would consider adding skills if their was a button like that! Great idea. Thanks for posting it.


Nice idea. Guys, if you give JOAT2B enough feedback, this may get enough support to be noticed by moderators and it might be part of a new update.


Gracias! I sure hope so! I can never decide which one(s) I want to strengthen after I've worked on my target language and this would render the indecisiveness moot. And it would be fun! (and drive my husband crazy lol)


I am working on Deutsch right now, but Russian, French, and Spanish are on my list so Upvote


This is a really neat idea and I think it would be a fun way to kinda switch things up for learners.




Props for an actually unique suggestion!


This would be an excellent option! Ideal for when you have a quick 5 minutes (read: toilet time).


LOL exactly! Dankon!


Sounds like a great idea! Would be really useful. I'm currently working on German, Dutch and Spanish and don't always have time to do a set in all 3, this way i could just do 2 sets but still work on all 3 languages.


I hope to have enough languages someday to be interested in a feature like this.


You could use it with three! :D


i like this ifea a lot. Please implement it!




What a smart idea! I hope this gets implemented.


I'd totally love this!!


I would love a "random skill" button!! Not only would this help to strengthen our skills in different languages, it would also help to switch more easily from a language to another!


I’m glad you like it!


I think this is a really good idea; I am only on one language at the moment but I can see this as something that would benefit me once I move on to a second language.


Hopefully they will make it happen so you can try it out! :)


Sounds like an interesting idea :) Not sure how easy it will be to implement though... Still, could be a cool feature...


Thank you for your support. :)


This idea is awesome and would be really happy if a feature like this would come.


Yes please! Yes yes!


Glad you like! :D


I think it would be awesome! It would train your mind to be prepared to process a random language with little notice, which sometimes can happen in real life.


I’m glad you like it!


Randomizing is an excellent suggestion. Thanks for this.


That's a great, simple idea


I’m glad you like it!


I think this would be a great! It would surely help me become consistent in learning Spanish and Japanese at the same time and other languages I might be interested in. Go for it! You have my Upvote!


Speaking of Japanese and Spanish, I am so crossing my fingers that we will get a ES/JP course in the future. That would make it so much easier to practice them at the same time.


Thank you for your support! :)


Great idea. Would be well up for this.


I like this idea! (You've thought it out really well, too.)


Merci beacoup! :D


Muito obrigada!


Totally agreed. I like to mix up the lessons among the different languages to keep things more interesting. Upvoted!


I totally support that

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