Muy and mucho are often confusing for Spanish learners. However, they have different meanings and are used with different words

Muy is used before adverbs or adjectives to emphasize the their meaning.

muy + adjective English
Esta lecciones son muy útiles. These lessons are very useful.
El teléfono es muy moderno. The phone is very modern.
muy + adverb English
Jorge llegó a la reunión muy tarde. Jorge arrived to the meeting very late.
Ellas limpiaron la sala muy rapidamente. They cleaned the house very quickly.

Mucho can be an adjective, an adverb or a pronoun. As an adjective, it comes before a noun and it changes according to the gender and number of the noun into mucho, mucha, muchos, muchas. As an adverb, it comes after a verb and it does not change. As a pronoun, it stands for a noun and it changes according to the gender and number of that noun. Take a look at these examples.

mucho as adjective translation
Tengo mucho dinero. I have a lot of money.
Quiero comprar mucha ropa en este negocio. I want to buy a lot of clothes in this shop.
Santiago tiene muchos autos. Es coleccionista. Santiago has a lot of cars. He is a collector.
Ellas tienen muchas chances de ganar el partido. They have many chances of winning the match.
mucho as adverb translation
Te quiero mucho. I love you very much.
Todos dicen que trabajo mucho. Everybody says I work a lot.
Gracias, me siento mucho mejor ahora. Thanks, I feel much better now.
mucho as pronoun translation
¿Quieres más jugo de naranja? Oh! Aún tienes mucho. Would you like more orange juice?Oh, You still have a lot.
No necesito más comida. Tengo mucha en mi plato. I don’t need more food. I have a lot in my dish.

Practice! How would you complete these sentences?

Hace ___ frío hoy.

Carla tiene ___ amigas.

Aprendo __ con Duolingo.

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November 8, 2017


Ellas tienen muchas chances de ganar el partido. In standard Spanish it's said "oportunidades". :0)

And over here rápidamente needs an accent mark:

Ellas limpiaron la sala muy rápidamente. They cleaned the house very quickly.

Also, the given translation is not accurate: sala >< house (!)

¡HelpfulDuo debería redactar muy cuidadosamente! :P

November 9, 2017

Nice work, helpful duo, I am sure this will be a big help to everyone!

November 8, 2017

Oh my God! Thank youoo!!!

November 10, 2017

gracias por esto!!!1

November 10, 2017
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