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[Duolingo Web] Updated User Profile pages with achievements

So I posted about achievements yesterday (which are there?, A/B test or not?), but until now there was no easy way to see them. A few moments ago I got a small overview in the sidebar, and an updated profile page with all achievements. At the moment, the full name and location fields are missing for me. Anyone else experiencing similar pages?


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November 8, 2017



Awesome, I should go check this out.

Edit: I don't have any on my page. :(


Me either, but they will probably appear some time soon.


Ahh, I still have the old profile page :( ! But I did get some "achievements" yesterday - so I'm guessing they've only just rolled this out and it may take some time for everyone in the A/B to see the changes. I think it's a nice idea, it's always motivating to have little goals to aim for.


What is the old profile page? The one with only the name and bio? Because I am looking for my achievements--nada. But I can see them on my tablet so . . .? When is this updating? Do you know? Thanks :)


Yep, I have a box below the daily target summarising them and a detailed list on my profile page. Seems quite fun.

With my tryping, I'll never get a sharpshooter....lost points yesterday for th instead of the and "s" in the wrong place... :o(


Woohoo! After a very careful round, I got a Sharpshooter! Didn't get the "After 10pm" one though....tee hee...this looking like something that will make me practise!

Now we (I) need a "Swot" badge to make me practice quarter/half/all my languages in one day (I generally try to do 2 or 3, then the others another day. If I'm tired, I do the "easy ones": CY, SK, IT, DE)

Question: Do the achievements only count in your first registered language?


Ah - just noticed my "Overtime" shield has 3 stars so I guess I already have the "post 10 pm" award :o)


It is the exact same for me. I can only see my username, bio, profile picture, and achievements. The streak is also missing from my profile (and other peoples') for me.

[deactivated user]

    Achievements randomly showed up on my phone's screen while browsing the forums yesterday. I haven't seen them on my computer.


    Do you see a slightly updated user profile page? With info being on the right instead of below the avatar? I only see the achievements on my own profile btw, not at others'

    [deactivated user]

      No. It all looks the same to me. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


      i've seen them on the mobile app but i don't have them on web


      I'm not sure about this update; I can't see my achievements.


      I'll post my achievements if they show up in this discussion, or the other one you made on the same topics.


      I have never seen a single achievement and I'm on daily. :(

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