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Timed practice - more time, please

I sometimes try the timed practice, but I am finding it a bit frustrating. How well I do and how far I can advance through the questions seems to relate more to how well I type than to how well I know the content.

Each correct answer adds a few seconds, but when the question demands a sentence of 4 or 5 words, it seems that the amount of time added for a correct answer is less than it took to type it, so I run out of time over the course of 5 or 6 such questions. Here are some suggestions that, individually or together, I suspect will increase success and decrease frustration while still making for a challenge:

  1. Arrange for alternation between shorter and longer answers.
  2. Give more additional time for longer correct answers
  3. Give partial credit and a bit more time for each correct word in an answer, even when the entire answer is not right.


November 8, 2017



I agree also..............so many times I run out of time one or two letters before completing an answer that I would have had correct with more time.


I agree. However I think that the question length should relate to the time available. I sometimes get 9 word or so translations when there are only a few seconds on the clock. I also think that when you run out of time it should still let you submit that last answer and let you know whether it was correct or what was wrong even if it doesn't give a point for it. We are here to learn after all.


An additional thought: Sometimes if I get an answer wrong in timed practice, I want to look it up but can't because I'll run out of time if I do. So maybe a pause button?


You can always click on the review lesson button at the end, this shows the questions you got wrong in red and the correct ones in green. If you click on the question it then shows your answer and the correct answer. Unfortunately it does not show the question you were on when the time ran out.


And to keep people from abusing said Pause button, perhaps it could cost 1 lingot for every 10 seconds of use.


Perhaps a different time structure for those on devices than for those using laptop/desktop. I type fairly quickly and I enjoy the need to type the correct spelling the first time - it has helped my accuracy and recall. I could see how trying to do this on a mobile or tablet would be burdensome.


4) Rate the last typed answer, no matter if you pressed the continue button or not.

I could swear that sometimes I run out of time, but still entered the last question/answer, but it simply is not rated (even if it was correct???)

Anyone else who experiences something like this?

And as I was typing any (probably incorrect) answer in the last 3-6 seconds but did NOT press the continue button because of timeout:

Why does the system NOT rate my LAST (entered) answer and shows it at least in the reviews and the solution to it???

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