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Chinese Proficiency Exam... My Thoughts Going In and Out

As I'm typing this, I'm waiting in line to start my Chinese Proficiency Exam. It's offered by my school and it will give me two language credits if I pass. Chinese is the first foreign language I became fluent in, so I was busy reviewing writing last night. As I am waiting, I am feeling somewhat tense, since there are a lot of people here. I have confidence in myself, however, and I know I will do well on my exam. Plus most of my Chinese friends said I write Chinese better than them, so...

Thank you Duolingo community for your kind words of support regarding this exam and other aspects of my language learning journey.

After I'm out of the test (which will last 2 hours), I will leave my closing thoughts here.

Edit: As of 4:22 PM EST I am still waiting in line to take my test. The line is HUGE and is starting to span the entire high school perimeter.

Edit 2: I finished my exam. Here are my thoughts.

I managed to start the exam at 4:45. The line was that insane. I quite liked the testing area though. It was in the cafeteria, which had various painted flags including the Catalan Republic flag, which pleased me very much. (The North Korean flag was missing. I wonder why...)

Anyways, as for the actual test, it was amazing. The two questions were iirc:

  1. Every person has a favorite activity or hobby. What is your favorite activity? Please also explain this activity to someone who does not understand it very well.

  2. What have you studied recently? Please also explain how what you studied can help you in the future.

The questions were all in Chinese, and since I spent most of my time writing responses to those questions, I don't remember them very well now that the test is over.

For the first question, I wrote about swimming and how useful it is in life, and why everyone should learn how to swim.

For the second question, I wrote a ton about languages and linguistics and my passion for them. This is the question I had the most fun answering. It's also why I feel so happy after taking the test. I had a ton of fun mentioning Duolingo and what it offers, as well as other sites that I use to learn languages.

Quite honestly, I feel these test questions were personally addressed to me. I had a ton of fun talking about my burning passion for languages. Something about writing about my passions in Chinese really made me happy. I honestly haven't felt this happy in a long time. ❤️

Now that I've seen how amazing this proficiency exam is, I'm considering what I could do for the future. Could I do more languages? Could I sign up for more than one language at a time? Could I do five? TEN??? These are all questions to the future that I can't wait to have the answers to.

Thank you all for your kind words of support! Have a nice night!

November 8, 2017



Go get 'em champ!


GOOD LUCK! Go for it! Hope you do well! Tell us what grade you get! Wishing you luck!

[deactivated user]

    You can do it!

    ╰( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )つ──☆*:・゚777♃777 | 777♌777


    Jackpot! Can I have some sevens too?


    Best of luck! You're gonna do awesome on the exam, trust me!


    Wow, good luck! I never had the confidence to take a proficiency test (although, I will have to next year). You are incredibly intelligent and I know you'll do fine! The Duolingo community will be cheering you on! ^ ^

    I will definitely follow this discussion to hear about the aftermath. ;)

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