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Where would you live in Germany

I have family who live in Munich in Germany; if you could live anywhere in Germany, where and why?

November 8, 2017



If I could have a dream become reality: Garmisch-Partenkirchen. We've stayed there several times. The scenery of the Bavarian Alps is breathtaking. There's a river that runs through the town. The Partnach Gorge is beautiful .. Zugspitze is very near if you like to ski or just take the cable car up to sight see. You can drive to Austria ( Innsbruck). You can drive easily to Munich. I like other larger cities in Germany but the nature and small town homey feel of Garmisch is one of my favorites. ** I'd like to add that it must be nice for you to have family in Munich. Wish I did. : )

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I've been there too, went to the top of the Zugspitze and visited Ettal, Oberammergau and Unterammergau, Murnau am Staffelsee, Mittenwald and some other places I do not remember the name of. Very nice places to live.


Yes. I would be living there if real life wouldn't keep getting in the way! : )


Leipzig or Dresden. I've had the opportunity to study and also work there, the area is nice, the cities are beautiful and there is so much to do around there!


I have relatives (aunt and cousins) who live in Munich too, and I love Munich ^^ But I'd rather live in Cologne ;) I want to continue my studies there.


So K dance. You have heard from us and since you posted this question, tell us where would you live and why? Or are you saying, based on your original post/ question, that you would like to live in Munich where your extended family members reside?


Berlin or hamburg


Frankfurt or Berlin.

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