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  5. "Ένα παιχνίδι."

"Ένα παιχνίδι."

Translation:A toy.

November 8, 2017



If ενα παιχνίδι is a toy or a game, it's also a "plaything." Plaything was marked wrong, and "a playing" was given as the correct version. In no dialect or regional style of any world english have I ever seen "a playing" as an accepted phrase. Please chime in and tell me if you would use that (Native American English speaker asking this).

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So, sorry and many thanks for catching that. "Plaything" was either misspelled or automatically "corrected" to "playing" in the incubator. I've corrected it. And to answer your question..."No, I would never use it nor have I ever heard it in either AE of BE." As I said it was our typo.

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