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  5. "남자가 연필을 던지지 않습니다."

"남자가 연필을 던지지 않습니다."

Translation:The man does not throw a pencil.

November 8, 2017



Why is there '지', after '삽지'? Whta is its purpose?


-지 않다 added to the verb stem negates the sentence. It's nearly equivalent to putting 안 in front of the verb.


What's the difference between "the man" and "a man" if there is no conext?


Based on the comments on other sentences (and I hope someone corrects me, if I've understood this incorrectly) it seems that 가 particle is more often translated as 'the' while 는 is more often translated as 'a' or without an article. This makes sense as 는 introduces a new topic while 가 marks a subject. If the subject is the new topic, it would get 는 as there's room for just one particle, in the same situation English would likely use 'a'. 는 can also be used when making general statements about a group like 'men' or 'cats'.

So 가 is likely to be a specific individual-->the.


you asked for correction so here it is. 은/는 is a topic marker, and 이/가 is a subject marker. they do not translate directly to English, or refer to 'a' or 'the' in any way. It simply doesn't refer to something in english. It's something you have to learn without translating.


Can you give an example or a definition of a topic marker vs. a subject marker? It's a little vague for me.


If "던집니다" means "to throw/ throw" and "던지지 않습니다". Then does that make "던" the simpliest term/ root word of "throw"?


Is deonjiji the full verb for throw?


Just 던지 (or 던지다 for the dictionary form). Attaching 지 안습니다 to the end of the verb gives you "not."


why is it THE man but A pencil.


It could be either


Why is "The man does not throw the pencil" incorrect?


it should be correct


Like why should he??


What does 니다 mean?


If I'm not mistaken, the first part of the word, 않습, means "not" or "no", and the second part, 니다 means "is" or "am". So when put together is translates roughly to "is not" or "doesn't". It can be either one depending on the context.


Hi guys, how do I differentiate plural nouns? I typed "The man does not throw a pencil." and "The men do not throw pencil." (completely ignoring the english grammar because I know it doesn't work with korean) Because the plural 들 is absent. Or is it just an inference thing that I'm supposed to know?


What exactly do you mean? From what I can tell "deul" marks plurals. So "the men" should not work.


Scroll down a couple please


your answer was considered correct because it was considered as a typo ..man men ...plural has 'dr'' always as i think


No, without the plural marker it can be either singular or plural and with the plural marker it can only be plural. People often don't bother to put the plural marker in Korean.


I wrote " The man didn't throw the pencil" Is it wrong because it is in past tense?


Yes, there would be another character indicating past.


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Hii Army~ Unfortunately, that doesn't apply to this specific forum. This is for the sentence above and discussing the sentence and any questions about it you may have.

It's great you are here trying to learn/explore a new language. However, this specific forum here is not for discussing aspects of Korean culture, like KPop. I would suggest creating a new discussion with KPop or what have you as the subject, because here isn't an appropriate place to discuss it.

I am all for discussing Korean topics and I'm sure everyone else is too, but it can be distracting when it's here. Not only that, but it also makes the fanbase appear insensitive. I know that isn't what you were trying to do, but unfortunately people will take this small comment and use it to define the fanbase, saying that fans don't understand when and when not to talk about whatever.

In short~ it's great you're here, but this forum is for this sentence in the learning program, and this sentence only. Its not about another topic that people generally do not appreciate to see forced into every Korean discussion.

Thanks ~


I am a fan but its not the place to discuss this,we're learning a language not fangirling/boying. This is why ppl hate kpop they think that we dont care abt this stuff


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