View Streaks???

How come I can't view my friends' streak anymore? Or if we can, how/where do I find it? Please respond.. Thanks

November 8, 2017


Co-signed. Duolingo, bring back the ability to see our friends' streaks!

For this to work, you should be logged out, or open up a new browser window in Private / Incognito mode. I personally have to use the ".com" top level domain for the URL to work. So, in private mode, if I open up it works.

Hmm, you're right! Very strange.

I do love DL, but I still miss seeing streaks. I invited someone to Duo and she's using it, but we can't see each other's streaks so it's a little anti-climatic. Combined with that, since you can't post little encouraging comments to each other like in the past, I don't see a reason to invite or have friends on DL. If one person is on a new tree, and the other is at a higher level, it's obviously not fair playing ground to just look at the XP. The encouragement and streak competition is a great motivator that I miss.


You might use your unofficial but very useful public progress web pages in
Just type in the browser of your phone/tablet/pc
Yours is

They are still visible in any user's profile. I don't think they have ever been displayed on the leaderboard (for me, at least).

It looks as though they've been removed from the profile page. The streak used to be displayed above the languages being studied.

I still have them; perhaps this is yet another delightful A/B test.

I'm afraid so. I can't see your streak on your profile page. I lost the ability when I got the achievements on my profile page.

I still have them as well. They are also displayed after flags of your courses on these forums.

When the achievements appeared on my profile page, I could no longer see anyone's streak on their profile page (for example, I can't see yours there). I miss being able to see a person's streak when they friend me.

Please show weekly progress (XP) and streaks on app! To see them I have to go to the desktop website. On the app I can only see cumulative XP, which isn't very helpful. To see a streak, I have to click on a friend on the desktop site.

I can view your "global streak" of 23 days in your profile page.

However, the individual language streaks are not displayed on the web, even on the old Python portal.
This has always been the case for 361 days.

If you want to view your individual language streaks in your profile you would have to get DuoTweak running.
To view others profile extended information you might also have to get Duolingo Stats activated.
Both (old) scripts are NOT compatible with the new Scala 2017 web you would have to use another hack to activate the (old) code.

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