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Fluency score not being displayed

Does anyone else have a problem where their fluency score is not displayed? For my it is my Russian fluency score

November 8, 2017



Russian doesn't have the fluency meter. Be glad it doesn't because the fluency meter is REALLY inaccurate.


Hey Woof, what happened to your Russian course? did you decide to quit it?


Lol, howcome? I just reached level 8 today, but it doesn't show it :)


Because I was bored after a while :I


Yeah, I can see how. It does get boring sometimes, but after doing Russian for some time, the other languages seem so easy. I mean like French, I've noticed it has the words 'some' and 'the' in it and that makes it so much more simple to me ;) (I'm sure it has alot more words that Russian doesn't have, but those were just the two words that I saw when my brother was doing french) :)

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