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Chinese course progress

Have you noticed that the course progress is jumping back!?

Going from 40% to 38% to 37% and now to 34%

How are they going to get it done in 8 days?


November 8, 2017



Want the real percentages? Look at the WIU


many people are applying to the course too, but there's been no sign of response. Is it the Chinese contributors who are reading over applications, or Duolingo?


I think both, but the course is finished and they already have nine contributors, so maybe they aren't hiring any more.


It jumps around as words are added and completed.

But don't trust the percentage there, especially for Chinese it's inaccurate for a couple reasons. :)


Where do you get 8 days for the target release date? In the incubator it is given as March 2018 but that is only an estimate and is likely to be much later than that if it follows the general behaviour that I have seen.


The % complete seems to be low for all the courses using the new exercise type.

None of them reach near 100% before entering beta. I doubt any will hit 100% before completing beta either.

I guess that whatever data they are adding to the course, in order to support the new exercise time, are not showing as complete. Even though in reality, the data is as complete as it will ever be.


Some people have said it below, but as they add vocabulary, and more importantly, as they make corrections to the content, the % complete will fluctuate up and down. Have faith that the course designers are making improvements, based on recommendations and feedback from the alpha testers. The goal is to debut a course that is ready for everyone to learn the language from, and minimizes the frustrating "But Dr. and Doctor mean the same thing! Why was I marked 'incorrect'?!" type of errors.

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