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How does 'strengthen' work

The strengthen I'm asking about here, is the one that appears under the xp for the day. How does that work exactly. Does it pick a weak skill and make you strengthen that. Or does it pick words you are weak with, and make you practice those.

If it picks weak skills, I would recommend switching it to pick weak words. That way people don't follow a pattern, like oh, it's testing dative, let me think of all the dative pronouns. Stuff like that.

November 8, 2017



I don't know exactly know what it goes by although I would assume it goes by skill. Anyhow, I know it doesn't go by weak words.


Order of skills in tree, I think.

[deactivated user]

    Yep, that's right!


    I think a few users may be giving false information.

    Strengthen is used for strengthening the tree, so it starts from the top. Doing many sessions will bring you further down.


    No doubt someone will correct me but I think it works on your weakest skills and anything that you have not practised for a while.

    It is good because it is random - if you select a particular skill, you know upfront that Duo ist testing dative prepositions, animals, subjunctive verbs, or whatever.

    Strengthening helps prevent gilded skills from colouring again. Or it did in French. The german tree recolours everything a lot quicker than french, as i cant seem to keep stuff gold AND progress down the tree.

    I now just use the strengthening button in French, to test everything randomly, and keep all skills fresh.


    It takes skills you haven't done in a while and makes you do them again to "strengthen" your skills.


    I think it picks a few weak skills and makes the bars go up.


    Sadly to say, DuoLingo has it's limitations (and bugs, especially "Words reg", "last practiced" and not updating strength, or even "learned words" (from a lesson) NOT beeing added) how it is coded right now.
    I hope there will be a time in the future when this gets fixed.

    You may want to install the user script "DuoLingo skill strength viewer" to be able to manually select a skill.


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