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my next language

I am learning Spanish and French. what should I learn

November 9, 2017



You should keep with French and Spanish, or pick just one. I don't think you're far enough in your language journey to do another language. I recommend waiting until you're level 9-ish. I didn't start my second language on Duolingo until I was like level 12, and I still have difficulties sometimes.


I agree. I think you should only start new languages when you have almost completed the tree, or have completed it already.


but first master the other languages


I would wait a little while until you advance more.


Italian!! If you can handle three languages at once.


You should try Irish


Keep learning French and Spanish, or else it will get hard to keep up with lots of languages at once and you'll lose interest. However, I recommend you get to about Level 10 on French and Level 7 on Spanish before you start something like Portuguese, because of Portugal being left of Spain, and Brazil surrounded by South America.


Keep learning the language you are now. When you feel comfortable speaking, reading, listening, and writing in those languages, than you can move on. If you do another language I would recommend Portuguese or Italian. Those languages are very similar to French and Spanish.

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