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XP Competition 4 more people can join and the Competition will begin Please do not down vote

The current Competitors are: Jaredgoat, missy20201, Armadillotacocat, Raptorstrike827, Idkhbtfm, and potterheadsunite, FISHINGDUDE1, cwpotter, happykitty77, and AsiyahLater123 Also please upvote i really want this to last as long as possible, Rules are simple: By next Sunday whoever got the most XP wins, I also moved the date so the competition will start on Sunday when i post a discussion titled XP Competition start, So we can all start at 0 XP, Also sorry for people who still want to join the competition but there are not anymore open spaces i promise i will do another competition with more spots

November 9, 2017



join my contest 25 lingot prize. just leave a comment in my disscusion and your in


So the XP i earned on Friday and today doesn't count?


Hey, are you the one who posted the lingots glitch thingy?


i have a xp contest with a 22 lingot prize just follow my discussion and your in


If there is room left can I join?

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