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  5. "We only have one dog."

"We only have one dog."

Translation:우리는 개 한 마리만 있습니다.

November 9, 2017



Just to tell people here, I am a native speaker, and this isn't the natural form what we say. It is right, but it is not natural. We say it like this.

우리는 [something] [a number that you have] [unit]밖에 없습니다. It would be like this in English: We don't have that many dogs except one. Awkward, isn't it? Well, just like the grammar and sentences out there. Not tellin' to change it, but just sayin' for people who wanna be more Korean-ish.


(Chan676836, it's 2020 jan. I'm commenting here on mobile where no date exists for you alls posts.)

If you see this: Do people tend to drop certain counters? I didnt get a full understanding from the Tips and Notes on the Duolingo website.

Grammar is only part of learning a living language. The rest is discovering the current most natural sentences. That's where Input from native speakers really helps.


Thank you for your input, Chan676836! It is always helpful to hear from native speakers!


That's not something achieved by simply saying a sentence differently, but by learning more words and constructs and tons of practice speaking (and speaking to other people!)


Is it not 한 마리 밖에 없습니다? I get those mixed up.


Those are two ways to say the same thing.

I'd say yours might emphasize a little bit more there is no other dog but that one.


I wrote: "우리는 개 한 마리만 있어요." and unfortunately it is wrong. Why is that?


Is: 우리는 개 한 마리만이 있어요 correct too? Haven't tested it.


I believe you would not put 이 after using 만


우리는 개 한 마리만이 있어요. I put the particle 이. Optional or in fact incorrect? Thanks


I am an English teacher. Technically, the English should say, "We have only one dog." The word only should limit the word one, not the verb have. If someone says, "We only have one dog," it means we only have it, but we don't do anything with it. :) I'm not insisting that the program should change the answer, because many people in America do say it the way it is written in the answer.


Please guys. I'm not gonna eat my dog.


What has that got to do with the price of tea in China?


I will if you don't

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