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XP Contest! (For beginners)


Hi everyone! I'm pretty new to duolingo but i've recently entered an XP contest, and boy was it a mistake. My 30-50 XP per day goal made no dent in the leader board against people earning 1000+ XP PER WEEK! That is why I've decided to make my own XP contest for beginners or people who don't practice much but want to practice more. Maybe we can boost each other to get more practice in. :D


  • 11/8/17 XP Contest created
  • 11/9/17 Discussion is now formatted and easier to read
  • 11/13/17 FISHINGDUDE1 (BeastAP) has won week one! Sorry if anyone had any problems with getting lingots, I was having trouble with it.
  • 11/13/17 Having problems with Duolingo Discussions, my/other people's comments are not showing up so please comment if you are having problems with lingots or comments!!!
  • Grace removed her comment & was taken out of the competition


Follow me, and I will follow you back. You can follow each other too, but I will be posting the top 5 leaders everyday on here. Also, please post a comment if you wish to enter. Thanks. :D Lastly, please don't enter if you are getting 200+ XP per day.

Current Competitors:

Anonymous-A11 (Anna Heming), OrganicCoconuts (AndrewQuio), Magikitty77, R_R1234 (RR), cwpotter, FISHINGDUDE1 (BeastAP), GaryAhn (Gary), LittleJoe9 (Little Joe), ArtemisiumHero (Themistocles), Sakura783044 (さくら),

TOP FIVE (Updated every day)

  1. Week 5 TBD
  2. Week 5 TBD
  3. Week 5 TBD
  4. Week 5 TBD
  5. Week 5 TBD

WINNERS (Ends on Saturday nights)

  • Week 1. FISHINGDUDE1 (BeastAP)
  • Week 2. bran_doc (Brandon)
  • Week 3. Sakura783044 (Sakura)
  • Week 4. OrganicCoconuts (AndrewQuio) - 702 XP
  • Week 5. (TBD)
  • Week 6. (TBD)
  • End Of Contest


  • First Place - 5 lingots
  • Second Place - 3 lingots
  • Third Place - 1 lingot

I will continue this XP contest until I run out of lingots for prizes (unless people want to continue it without lingot prizes)

November 9, 2017



I would like to enter. Thank you!


I'm following you. Can I enter?


Can I enter? Sounds fun!


Congrats! You won week 2!

[deactivated user]

    May I enter?


    I'd like to enter! Here are some lingouts:D

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