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My learning languages

Hi,my name is Jonathan557683.I am an American 5th grader. I speak English.I am learning a lot of languages with all the courses I am taking on duolingo.I am learning Spanish,German,French,Portuguese,Italian,Irish,Russian,Welsh,Hebrew,and Greek.

November 9, 2017



Good for you! I suggest you should focus on one language for now and make it your main language. And you can slowly incorporate other languages once you're comfortable with the main language. Because learning a bunch of languages from scratch is very overwhelming! I have experienced this before of wanting to do everything at once. Have fun on you language journey!


Fantastic! Love the enthusiasm. I agree with others it may be best to focus on one main language at the start, with the others as secondary for now. But you will be far ahead of your peers starting so young.

In Rome they don’t say “buona fortuna” to wish luck, as that is seen as unlucky. Instead they say “In bocca al lupo!” (In the mouth of the wolf!”). To which you never say the traditional “thank you” but “crepi!” (“may the wolf die!”). This is sort of like the English expression “break a leg” to wish actors luck on stage.

So on your language voyage I give you a hearty “in bocca al lupo!”


Hello Jonathan, It's good to hear that you are starting at an age when your brain is still capable. I salute you.


I applaud you for showing an interest in so many languages at such a young age. I know you will do great things in the future with knowledge of these languages. Buena suerte, Viel Glück, Bonne chance, Boa sorte, In bocca al lupo (as Dcarl mentioned), Ádh mór ort, Удачи, Pob lwc, בהצלחה, Καλή τύχη, and good luck with your studies!


Wow, your grammar is amazing for such a young age/grade. I know a lot of people who are in high school but their grammar isn't as great as yours. Good luck on learning more languages :).

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