Is "Jungs" a relatively new (post WW2) word in German? I have heard German spoken from my my parents on occasion since a child, from my relatives when I have visited Germany and traveled in Switzerland and Austria but have never heard the word "Jungen".

June 29, 2012


I looked it up in the Duden. It said that Jungs is slang used especially in North-German and Middle-German. Hier is the link

Jungen is plural for der Junge; it does occur frequently in Hitler's Mein Kampf, so it did exist before WWII in public (just dunno since wen).. Also, it probably derives from Old Norse 'ungr' ("young", adj), and might exist since ancient times...

However, it might be that Jungs (not Junge) is slang which developed after WWII era, as you said (but can't say for sure about that).

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