"What do you do for five days?"

Translation:닷새 동안 무엇을 해요?

November 9, 2017



Special terms for days:

One day: 하루

Two days: 이틀

Three days: 사흘

Four days: 나흘

Five days: 닷새

Six days: 엿새

Seven days: 이레

Eight days: 여드레

Nine days: 아흐레

Ten days: 열흘

Eleven days: 열하루

Twelve days: 열이틀


하루 and 이틀 are pretty common. 사흘 and 나흘 less so. Nobody ever uses 댓새 and beyond. I've been told this by many Koreans. They always tell me after I use a word like 아흐레 or 엿새 in conversation. I actually wind up confusing them at first because those words are so rare. If there was a "The Korean sentence in unnatural" button, I would have pressed it.

November 9, 2017


The space before 동안 confuses me. When do I need it?

August 1, 2018
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