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  5. "벚꽃은 맛있습니까?"

"벚꽃은 맛있습니까?"

Translation:Are cherry blossoms tasty?

November 9, 2017



Earlier today 'tasty' wasn't accepted, but now 'delicious' isn't. 짜증나...


Good use of 짜증나 ;)

Flag it.


Why do people eat cherry blossoms, which are flowers?


I agree. Also, why do I sneeze a lot now? I know its not my spring allergies.


Why do people do a lot of things that do not seem to make sense to someone else? Because they want to do something different or just to be doing it.


I remember my neighbour eating some blue flowers that she grew in her garden.


some flowers are edible or can be modifies to be edible, im not sure if cherry blossoms are one of those flowers though


I haven't heard about people eating cherry blossoms, but I know that people do sometimes eat some other types of flowers, such as hibiscus which I have seen in grocery stores. Also cauliflower and brussel sprouts are technically flowers even though they are not usually thought of that way.


ikr? ppl could eat it, but why have the sentence for learning korean? Which is not going to be used anywhere, except maybe in japan. Totally not suitable for this course


Do people in korea eat cherry blossoms?


Not cherry blossoms directly, but I have seen cherry blossom-flavoured snacks in Korea during spring and at cherry blossoms festivals


NOPE. At least for 22 years as a Korean, I've never heard about people who eat cherry blossoms.


Closest I've seen is cherry blossom flavored beer.


that doesn't exist...does it?


Amnionic fluid is still wet between thy ears. I can honestly say as a so called scientist and former university professor that probably eighty percent of eveything that I learned in college and professional school has been found to be completely or partially incorrect. As one of my favorite professors at Cornell U. often said, "Write your text book while you are young and dumb, it gets much harder as you get older."


The way you converse sounds ancient. Would you care to ride off into the sunset on a horse with me, kind sir? Perhaps drink tea with me in the morning?


YW7k14, sorry can't drink tea with you, you get up too late in the day, I have been up for 6-8hrs before you think about getting your carcass out of bed. You can't even get on a horse, let alone ride one sonny!


no, and I'm a kid. I would know. I lived in Korea for almost my whole life. except for a few years in Japan. They dont eat them there, either


https://ko.wikipedia.org/wiki/%EC%82%AC%EC%BF%A0%EB%9D%BC%EC%9C%A0 -- and I have tried the petal "cha". Mostly tasteless, but good. Supposedly it's popular around the doll's festival, but usually people eat the leaves on sticky rice cakes: https://ko.wikipedia.org/wiki/%EC%82%AC%EC%BF%A0%EB%9D%BC%EB%AA%A8%EC%B9%98 . . .


My wife is not a kid any longer but she said tha cherry blossoms are tasty.


My wife says that she ate cherry blossoms while living on Koji-do after leaving the DPRK and the blossoms tasted good to her as a child. Never say never!


TikaShier, yes you are a kid, that's why you know everything. When you grow up, you will find that you weren't as smart as you thought you were when you were younger, i. e. if you like long enough?


Yes, and they taste like cherries.


I've eaten stir fried marigolds and those are good. Why not?


do they cook the flower w/ pollen? because I'm allergic to pollen


Actually, I bought local bee pollen from a honey producer and ate a teaspoonful each day till I finished it and it reduced my allergy somewhat. Like a vaccination I think. It wasn't awful but it wasn't great. It looked like rainbow pocket lint. Then when it worked out I lived far enough away for a while and it was totally gone since I've come back.


my friend would have died the first day


In Some Countries we make jam with roses blossoms and we use some flowers to decorate the salad or a dish because we can eat them. We use also some other flowers blossoms to heal. But I've never tasted cherry blossoms

[deactivated user]

    is cherry blossom delicious ..?


    no and I'm not gonna try


    can't i say 'Is cherry blossom delicious?' it marked it wrong


    Helping verb issue. The helping verb 'Is' would be used with singular comparisons while the helping verb 'are' would be used with plural comparisons. Here 'Cherry Blossom(s)' implies more than one cherry blossoms so Duolingo requires 'are'


    Can it mean "cool"?


    No, Tasty/Delicious = 맛있다, Cool = 멋있다


    No. The two words are close though. 맛 is like flavor and I'm guessing 멋 is like style or coolness. So 맛있다 means to have flavor; to be tasty/delicious and 맛있다 is to have style; to be cool.


    시이이이이이이발 맞잖아 Do cherry blossoms taste good? 행님덜 이게 틀렸습니까?


    Is the cherry blossoms delicious? Should be accepted.

    [deactivated user]

      "When a tree blossoms, it produces blossom." - https://www.collinsdictionary.com/dictionary/english/blossom

      therefore the correct answer should be "is cherry blossom delicious" - this is biggest frustration with this app that i have to learn american english to be able to get anywhere


      Why that sentence? If asking about cherry blossoms, could ask about it being pretty. Or if asking about it being tasty, one could have used a bread for it. Was bewildered looking at that sentence.


      Duolingo do random sentences. They don't care about how wierd it is.


      WELCOME TO REALITY TheJayEye!!!!!


      It's not even cooked up blood or entrails. (popular stuff in a myriad of formats in Korean cuisine among many) It's just a part of the plant only some cultures eat and people are traumatized by the mere thought.

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