"Ora la nave è nel porto."

Translation:Now the ship is in the port.

March 15, 2013

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Why is this sentence ok but when they ask us to translate from English to Italian they don't accept it?


I don't understand the issue, but if there is any inconsistency please report it in the report field. Let's hope Duo stuff will solve the issue. :)


The issue is that in this same lesson, sometimes the question proposes us to translate the sentence "Now the ship is in the port" into Italian, and I wrote "Ora la nave è nel porto" (exactly like this sentence), and the freaking owl rips one of my hearts out, claiming that the correct answer has to be: "La nave è ora nel porto." I don't know whether to report this question or the other question. Both?


You can report in both cases, we can say both "Ora la nave è nel porto" and "La nave è ora nel porto".


how does "the ship is now in the port" differ??? Correct answer should be 1 & 3.


Is "Now the ship is in port" accepted? That what we would say in UK English.


What's the difference between ora and adesso?


Ora la nave e nel porto

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