"Dnes pomáhám bratrancovu děvčeti."

Translation:Today I am helping my cousin's girlfriend.

November 9, 2017

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"I am helping to my cousin's girl today" should be accepted. reported.


Mám s tím dva problémy. "help" se nepojí s předložkou TO. Jenom help somebody.

Cousin's girl zni, jako kdyby ji ten bratranec vlastnil. Mohla by to, mozna, byt i jeho dcera, ale mluvit o neci pritelkyni jako o "girl" neni uplne vhodne. Kdybyste to prehodil a mluvil o necim priteli jako "boy", tak uz to uplne navozuje pocit kozenych cernych kozacek a biciku.


Děkuji za vysvětlení.

  • help TO - bohužel nevěděl jsem.

  • Původně jsem si tu "girl" odůvodnil jako dceru. Běžně se říká: mám děvče (dceru). Ale máte pravdu. Tady je "girl" nevhodné, jelikož nemáme kontext rozhovoru a samostatně věta odkazuje více na přítelkyni (girlfriend).


I agree that 'my girl' for 'my girlfriend' is not very woke, but it was certainly common in the pop songs of my youth. I still say 'my wife' in unguarded moments.


We would accept "my girl", as it can it used in an endearing way, but "my cousin's girl" would really be stretching it. What's wrong with "my wife"? :D


I did a websearch for "my cousin's girl" . A bit down in the responses is this page, but the first couple of finds are about the book "My Cousin's Girl", a story of a young man who has a crush on his cousin's girlfriend. Similarly, searches for "my brother's girl" and "his girl" return results in which 'girl' means girlfriend.
As for "my wife", the problem is that it treats a person as a role. Sometimes that makes sense, particularly in a conversation with someone who does not know her. But if they do, it can be considered dehumanizing. One of my friends has an anecdote about this. A near neighbor in our small town is chief of police, and one day he stopped their car and scolded the husband, who was driving, for going too fast. And then he added, to the husband, not the wife, who was also in the front seat, "And your wife drives too fast, too!" It's not clear that she really would have preferred "And you drive too fast also, Penny!" but she felt diminished by the third-person reference. Did the chief mean that the husband should correct his erring wife? Or was she not supposed to be listening?


I help my cousin's girlfriend today. Proc nejde prosty pritomny? Delam to cely den, ted mam pauzu, s nekym mluvim...


An action that is happening today is generally described using the present continuous, even if there are pauses inbetween. The present simple normally expresses actions that are repeated or occur in general. "Today" is basically a broader "now".

"I help my cousin's girlfriend today" would more likely be a colloquial shortening of the phrase "I am going to help my cousin's girlfriend today" (Dnes pomůžu...)


After some internal discussion we will allow it. It can meanthe task you have for today (dnes je mým úkolem pomáhat) or it can mean "today" in a broader sense: Today, I help people to change their lives. Dnes pomáhám lidem změnit jejich život.

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