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  5. "He walks."

"He walks."

Translation:Er läuft.

November 9, 2017



Doesn't 'laufen' mean to run? Does it apply for walking as well? How would one distinguish between the two?


Yes, it's true, laufen is both run and walk. It depends on the context. Laufen as a sport means running, while walking is gehen, but laufen as a mean of transportation is usually walking, so if I say Ich laufe zur Arbeit it means I walk to my working place (instead of taking the bus/car), whereas Ich gehe zur Arbeit just means that I go to work instead of staying at home, but it doesn't tell you if I walk or take a car for example.....


Well then how do we say “I run to my working place (instead of walking or taking the bus/car)”? It’s laufe here as well? Danke!


Ich laufe is possible but ambiguous. It's clear if you say ich jogge ("healthy" running ) or ich renne (as fast as you can, because you're late).


"Spazieren": take a walk, for leisure.


Why is "er geht zu Fuss" not accepted as correct?


I'm hoping that there is a masterclass available for differentiating the German locomotions because I can’t keep them straight to save my life.

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