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Suggestions for new gameplay features

Suggestions on new features:

–Choose a word from the choices that best suits the sentence.

The rainbow is __. Choices: colorful, big, red Answer: colorful

–Choose something that belongs to Kitchen:

Choices: spoon, fork, airplane, sea, plate Answers: spoon, fork, plate

–Or to Bathroom:

Choices: shampoo, soap, rain, fire, toilet Answers: shampoo, soap, toilet

–Or the opposite: Choose the one that doesn't belong to the group:

Choices: red, orange, poon, honey, yellow Answer(s): poon, honey

–What is/are the synonym(s)/antonym(s) of this word: beautiful

Choices: pretty, ugly, red, happy, wonderful Answer: ???

–Choose the one that makes this sentence incorrect:

I eats apples. Answer: eats

What is the right answer?


November 9, 2017


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