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"At two o'clock, I saw fourteen sheep there."

Translation:Ve dvě hodiny jsem tam viděla čtrnáct ovcí.

November 9, 2017



why feminine assumed (viděla)?


Why not? There are 289 czech versions of this sentence that are accepted as a correct answer. One had to be picked as "the main". Happens to be a feminine version.


Following up on JohnBraga's question, does the gender for "videla" agree with the speaker, who in this case would be female, or does it agree with the things the speaker sees?


easier to remember that the verb endings always reflect the subject of the verb.


I tried: Ve dve hodiny jsem tam viděl 14 ovci, but it was not one of the 289 correct solutions. Why?


Spell out out the numbers. You didn't come here to learn that fourteen in Czech is 14, did you?


Ve dvě hodiny, viděla jsem tam čtrnáct ovcí.

do you mean to tell me there wouldn't be a comma in the czech sentence but there would be in the english one?


If you do that, it will make the second clause something additional.

Kdy to bylo? Ve dvě hodiny, viděla jsem tam...

When was it? At two o clock, I saw...

Probably one should even use a full stop to separate the clauses altogether instead...

Ve dvě hodiny. Viděla jsem tam...


okay, now i am confused about what second position is, and what words count for being the first word in a clause. with "viděla jsem," jsem is not in the second position? why not? does this mean verbs don't count?


Sorry, that is my mistake, I read your sentence incorrectly (unless you have changed it since). So basically only the other part of my comment applies (I removed the wrong bit).

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