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Web-version: can now interchange between word blocks and typing!

As the title says, you can now interchange between word blocks and typing for some questions!

What are the pros and cons of using each? Which will you choose?

(It's only a small part of the lessons but I thought it was interesting to point out ^_^ )

November 9, 2017



As far as I'm concerned, which input method I choose mostly depends on how familiar I am with the subject matter. While I still have to wrap my mind around the sentence structure etc., I prefer the word blocks. Once I'm sufficient familiar with the subject matter, I prefer to type.

The word blocks make it easier to focus on the "larger structure", without being bogged down by the exact spelling etc. Typing helps to refrain from "that word looks about correct, no need to actually read it", and it's also faster.


Having the ability to write out the kana/kanji is SO helpful! Challenging your brain to remember the words kana by kana is so much better than memorizing a single word block or (even worse) memorizing simply the way a word looks. Plus, it's not like you type kana in little word blocks that pop up on your screen.

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