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"The girl does not wear a green skirt."

Translation:Das Mädchen trägt keinen grünen Rock.

March 15, 2013



Is "Das Mädchen trägt nicht einen grönen Rock" unacceptable?


Yes, the word order is wrong an it's 'grünen Rock'.


Something like "Das Mädchen trägt einen grünen Rock nicht", then?


No. Don't use 'nicht' and 'ein' together in a sentence. (Although on rare occassions this works) 'Kein' is virtually always the better choice. EDIT: to be more precise: your sentence now is grammatically correct but it means something different 'The girl has several green skirts and she wears them all except one'


And what about: "Das Mädchen trägt grünen Rock nicht" ?


Now the sentance wasn't translated. I do that myself quite often where I read the sentence, record it in my head wrong then when I write, I write what I want the sentence to be rather than what it is. If it said THE skirt and DER were in your translation it would work. If skirt were plural, it also might work as it would say that the girl does not wear green skirts, presumably because she does not like the color.


I put "Das Mädchen trägt nicht grünen Rock". Why is that wrong?


"Das Mädchen trägt keinen grün Rock"

Since keinen already speaks of the gender/case of the object, does green also have to agree with the gender/case?


Should not it be "kein", since it is Akkusativ and Rock is neutrum?


Rock is männlich.


Why keinen and not kein? Thanks


It describes a masculine noun, Rock, in the accusative, so it has to end in -en. http://german.about.com/library/weekly/aa033098.htm

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