"My children did not listen to me."

Translation:Copiii mei nu au ascultat de mine.

November 9, 2017

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why not "copiii mei nu m-au ascultat pe mine" while on another sentence it's said "de ce l-ai ascultat pe fratele meu" ?


I can't see why - it is what i tried and google translates the english thus: copiii mei nu m-au ascultat, I am sure there is nothing wrong with adding pe mine to that for emphasis. reported


Now i see they have de mine not pe mine, not sure why... so then i tried "copiii mei nu m-au ascultat de mine" and just told i had a typo emphasising au rather than m-au! Oh well the peculiarities of language or of DL, who knows!


1) a asculta de cineva sau de ceva = to listen to somebody or something, as in to obey someone or something, to follow someone's or something's instructions. Examples:

  • El ascultă întotdeauna de șeful lui. = He always listens to his boss.
  • Dar eu ascult de vocea din capul meu. = But I listen to the voice inside my head.

2a) a asculta ceva = to listen to something, as in to pay close attention to the sounds something is making. Examples:

  • Eu ascult un cântec. = I am listening to a song.
  • Eu ascult lupii noaptea. = I listen to the wolves at night.

2b) a asculta pe cineva = to listen to somebody, as in either: I. to obey someone, to follow someone's instructions; or II. to pay close attention to the sounds someone is making. Examples:

  • El îl ascultă întotdeauna pe șeful lui. = He always listens to his boss.
  • Eu o ascult (pe ea) în timp ce vorbește. = I listen to her while she is speaking.

As you see, with 2b, it's all about the context. Getting back to our Duolingo sentence, "My children did not listen to me" can be translated either to "Copiii mei nu au ascultat de mine" (1), which means that they did not obey me, or to "Copiii mei nu m-au ascultat (pe mine)" (2b), which can mean either that they did not obey me (most likely, considering the English sentence), or that they did not hear me because they were not paying attention.


If I understand right it is according the context "de" "pe" and "la" can or must be in use!?

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