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"Do you want to take it there?"

Translation:Chceš to tam nést ty?

November 9, 2017



What about "Chceš to tam brát"?


Take something somewhere is likely not a standard Czech meaning of the verb brát although it does have related meanings like "brát něco sebou" and many other meanings http://prirucka.ujc.cas.cz/?slovo=br%C3%A1t


Please. "... take it there" neznamená "vzít to tam" , prip. "brát to tam (s sebou)"?


"vzít" určitě ano, "brát sebou" slovníky neznají jako spisovné použití.Alespoň ne ty, které jsem zkusil já.


Je nutné mít toto "ty" na konce věty? :S Stále ho chybím a je otravné. xD


Ne, nemusí tam být vůbec.


I tried "Chceš to nést tam" (Several times because it sounded so right to me :D) but i guess it's wrong or at least sounds weird like that?


It is possible when you stress tam. Do you want to take it THERE? I will add it.


Chceš nést to tam ty?


I guess not. As far as i understood it, "to" has to be in the second position


not sure if I understand why the sentence needs "to" and "ty"


Well, you need the "to" because of the "it"
and the "ty" ("you") is optional i think, to stress that it's YOU who wants to take it there (like in "do you want to takeit there, or should i?")


I answered as above. Told I had a typo, it should have been vézt, which was not among the options offered. I will report. (Did not report as no appropriate option offered.)


Why does the word tam doesnt need to be in the second position here? And why is Chceš tam to nést is incorrect?


Because "to" wants to be in the second position even more strongly than "tam", it has priority. We can even stress "tam" and place it at the end: "Chceš to nést tam?" (Do you want to take/carry it there?). Or we can shift "ty" to the front: "Ty to tam chceš nést?" - notice that "to" still sticks to the beginning of second position cluster, with "tam" following in.

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