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"Jsi chytřejší než před týdnem?"

Translation:Are you smarter than a week ago?

November 9, 2017



The "correct" answer is so wrong in so many ways. It asks me if I'm smarter than the ambigious "one week ago." I realize how it would be interpreted in casual conversation, but it doesn't make the grade in written communication.


Absolutely agree. It should be smarter than you were a week ago, which is not accepted.


Leaving out the repeated subject + predicate is called an ellipsis. It's a common figure of speech in both languages.


Fun fact: The game show "Jsi chytřejší než páťák?" (Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?) exists in the Czech Republic (e.g., see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HuyKG35o5qY ).


"Are you smarter than last week?" Why is this incorrect?


The “last week” (poslední týden) is a period of time that extends over seven days (in Czechia from Monday to Sunday). “Před týdnem” is a date or moment within that period. So it's “a week ago” in English.

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