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Resetting the Tree

For all the changes made to Duolingo, I wish they would introduce a way to clear one's tree. I use Duo with a myriad of books, videos, podcasts, and MP3s to learn French. However, I must wait until my tree loses its golden luster to restart the tree.

It is very difficult to practice on Duo when you cannot tell where you were, if you so choose to restart from the beginning.

I miss being able to crowd-translate Wikipedia pages. The original purpose of this site was the translate the web. I am not sure why that mission changed.

But now that Duo is essentially a simple lesson plan with notes and some discussion, being able to manually clear one's own tree would make re-learning so much easier.

ETA: Just so we're clear, my tree is always golden and I have to wait until it gets back to normal so I can go through again and not have to memorise where I was. I'd just like to be able to reset it without losing XP.

November 9, 2017



Would a reset not delete all your XPs?


That is what I am thinking, so I am not going to do it. I can blow through Duo easily in a couple days. My French is pretty advanced. But I like using Duo because it has handy note and because I don't often have to think, I feel it improves my ability to think in French. Oh well, who knows.


Instead of restarting the forward tree, I would advise you to start the reverse tree (turn OFF the speaker in your settings).

The L2->L1 has a much higher translation ratio into French, instead of your source/base/native language.

To get the maximum out, either of forward or reverse trees, you should install Camilo's user script "DuoLingo tree enhancer" where you can:

  • activate the French audio for forward trees on right hand side answers and multiple-choice.

  • hide text and pictures, so you can focus on purely listening (personally I would activate these advanced script settings on my 2nd/3rd tree run).


There is a "golden owl" hall of fame thread.
Others list flags once you hit level 25.

Therefore: No, don't reset your tree!


There is a way to reset the tree. Just poke around in your settings.


Resetting the Tree


It is very difficult to practice on Duo when you cannot tell where you were

You don't have to think. Duolinglo is thinking for you if you use the "General strengthen" button.
For the most efficient use of Duolingo, read

I miss being able to crowd-translate Wikipedia pages.

Try http://translatihan.com/
It has been created by a former user of Duolingo's Immersion

In general:
Start the next learning step in Duolingo, the "reverse tree"
Please, read the advices in the comments of this discussion https://www.duolingo.com/comment/24048290/Direction-of-the-exercises


Are all skills golden or why do you have the problems?

Personally I would make use of the user script "DuoLingo skill strength viewer" and only train those skills, which are under the 30-50% (75%) percentage strength threshold.
It will show concrete calculated percentages, nevertheless skills are golden.

To blend out golden skills, you can either use the user script "DuoLingo tree trimmer" which additionally supports activating 1, 2, 3, or 4 strength skill trims (it really is the best ;) ).
As it needs an additional workaround (old Python code, not compatible anymore with the new Scala 2017 web portal) to function you could alternatively install a (compatible) Stylish style which let's you also blend out all golden skills - this is a bit easier in daily usage.

The latter trim scripts/styles won't help you of course, if ALL your skills are fully golden :-)

Honestly I would say:
Don't waste your time with a forward tree reset but instead of do the reverse or any laddering tree: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/25144822$comment_id=25154623


Are you already using Memrise, Lingvist, Mondly languages or uTalk?


I don't know who give you a thumbs down, but Lingvist is really nice. I will check out the others and thank you. I study French between an hour to two hours a day for literally years. I could teach a course. But, like all auto-didacts, I am not organized and there are gaps in my learning. So I appreciate the different opportunities you suggested.


Congrats on your almost 100.000XP for your French tree.

I am not sure if I can even hit 30.000XP ;)
One year of Portuguese ~10.500XP = 1/3 of 30.000XP. Crazy!!!


IMHO there should be definitely more than just 25 levels on Duo, because of those people like you having many more points than >30.000XP.


Hi David,

I saw you tried to follow me - I can not write any PN on Duo.

Sorry, I do not want to look rude but I am trying to focus on "real user" accounts with real pictures / profile informations.
Usually I just block users trying to follow me which have either none / fake / comic pictures associated to their Duo account, just like your "snowman".

I don't really like this "stuff" on Duo.
And I hate that "following" is only one-way and you don't get asked before on Duo, if you accept the follower / contact.

However, I can understand that not everyone wants to show his real portrait....

You guys from the US seem to be paranoic about it?

Is there maybe any chance that you update your profile / avatar in the near future? ;)


I intentionally keep my Internet footprint as low as possible. I don't even use social media, nor can I understand why anyone would want to do such a thing. A Google search of me would result in my father's obituary and a newspaper article about a business I once owned. I am perfectly happy with that.

Duolingo is so benign, I really wouldn't lose sleep if someone followed you. You can't even directly message anyone anymore. The functionality and usefulness of this site has diminished greatly over the past year.

And my avatar is the Pillsbury Dough Boy, not a snowman. He is a wonderful little boy made of raw pastry dough who brings joy to others through his products which assist the harried cook..

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