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" jsem celý den četl tvoje dopisy."

Translation:I was reading your letters all day.

November 9, 2017



Why don't you accept 'the whole day'?


If I may ask, is there something in the Czech sentences of this lesson that seems to make this more progressive (I was doing VS I did VS to jsem dělal)? My English intuition is to say both translations are correct, since my understanding is Czech doesn't have a progressive, only past imperfective and past perfective. Am I wrong in thinking the Czech past imperfective can be either the English simple past or past progessive?


I don't really understand, especially not the connection to the present sentence. But there is indeed no 1:1 map between progressive/simple and perfective/imperfective.


Why should it be wrong to make the intonation on "all day" as the czech sentence suggests? "I was reading all day your letters."

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